Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Chronicles of Dresden

The Lion, the Hound, and the Wardrobe.

We got lost and couldn't find the wardrobe so we forced them to take family pictures...
This stick will somehow make it's way into our living room.


DidiLyn said...

Dear Dresden,
The pictures in the snow are great. You sure seem to love the snow almost as much as you love your family. So good to know you did inherit the snow gene, as well as the "I believe everything on T.V. is real" gene. That is pure Chopper, as your Mama will have none of it.
Don't stay out in the snow too long!
Lots of love,
Chopper and Lila(Papa and Mama)

Anonymous said...

HE IS HUGE AND SO CUTE!!. Callie and Fiona are the cutest girls ever. Jenny

Brenda said...

Dear Dresden,
It was really fun seeing you playing in the snow today. I have really been enjoying it too, with my best outdoor friend Sackett. I run around until I am exhausted and cold and go to my back door and cry really loudly until my family lets me in. I will ask if my family has any pictures of me to send to you. It seems strange that we are brother and sister, yet we haven't seen each other in almost a year. I love my new family though, they spoil me rotten. You are very handsome and look a lot like me. I love visiting your blog. Well, have a Merry Christmas.
Mistletoe (Missile), your sister.

Malnurtured Snay said...

That's a big damn dog!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, great pics! I loved to see Baby Fox,Cabana Boy, Guiness, Calliboomdah & Biggy D all having a romp in the snow. Kendra loved the snow also,but Miller was skeptical, as it is just another form of water & too close to a bath. He is glad it is gone! Hope to get together with ya soon for nibbles & drinkies. Love Finnie's Auntie Amy

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to say hi to Tiff, as I'm a former student of hers from GDB> I wanted to share some pics of Vic and I, but wasn't sure where I could email them.

Hope you all are doing well. Nice to see Dresden continues to grow, and grow.